GUIDE through the island of Pag and Zadar area for tourists

You don’t want to spend whole vacation on the same beach, eat in the same restaurant every day and just be bored? Read our guide and enjoy a vacation to the fullest

The island of Pag has something for everyone, but you must know some things before heading out to see all its attractions.

Three years ago, young French guests stayed in our apartments. It was the middle of summer, around noon, the sun was shining, it was “pleasant” 35 °C, a light breeze was blowing…

Just kidding! It was hellishly hot, it was Saturday, and I met one of our guests in front of the apartment.
I asked her how she was, and she replied that she was just waiting for friends, and they are going to Plitvice Lakes. Usually, I would wish them a pleasant trip and good fun…

But, instead, a big question mark was hanging over my head, and then in a second, I had a picture of the traffic jams on the roads to Plitvice, ques at the entrance, large crowds who are visiting Plitvice, and after all, it was hot as hell, and it was noon…

I explained to her that now it is too late to go to Plitvice, because from our apartments to the national park in normal conditions on the road, it takes about a two-and-a-half-hour drive, and now, with so many tourists on the road, it will take four or five hours.
By the time they arrive, it will be a problem to find a parking space, to buy a ticket, and maybe it will be too late for sightseeing because you need at least five hours to see Plitvice properly.

I urged her to postpone the trip that day and thank God she listened. They went to Plitvice lakes, a few days later in the early morning.

That’s just one example.

You are on vacation, but you need to know some things

We have noticed that for guests, especially those who come from larger countries such as France, Spain, Germany, distances of some 200-300-400 kilometers are relatively small, but they do not know the roads, road conditions, and nothing or very a little about the location they are going to. In a way, that is normal, but they do not inform themselves enough. All they need is to ask us, other local people, or carefully read a road map, and pick up fresh information from Google.

Another example happened quite a few years ago, but you will understand why it remained in my memory. Some Frenchman booked apartments for two weeks, paid for the reservation, and never arrived. We are almost sure nothing happened to them, they just didn’t arrive because they didn’t know where they booked the apartment, and it wasn’t our fault.

We could not get in touch with them (it was another time when it comes to communication via mobile phone, internet connection, navigation, etc., but later we have learned from one person from Croatia, whom they asked for help with the reservation, that instead of staying in our apartments on the island of Pag, they ended up in Gorski Kotar, at her brother’s wedding, where they came uninvited and asked her to take them to Pag – to our apartments. When she refused, because it was her brother’s wedding, they left and it is not known where they ended up, but they did not reach our apartments. As far as we know, they just knew they had to go to the island of Pag and that’s it?

We just couldn’t understand why they didn’t know where they are going and what did they think, how are they going to find us? They had our mobile phone numbers and email.

Guide through the island of Pag

Of course, this is a bit drastic example, but it is certainly one of the reasons to make a detailed “Guide” for our guests, which will offer a wide range of descriptions of locations and recommendations in terms of culture, gastronomy, nightlife, natural beauty, shopping, transportation, and other service information.

We will try to be as up to date as much as possible.

Recommendations will be based in part on our experiences or other people known to us, but be sure to keep in mind that the guides are based on our impressions and opinions, of what is nice, tasty, practical.