Get your dream vacation in apartments on the island of Pag

Just close your eyes and imagine vacationing in a modern Pag villa with a beach view and the most beautiful sunsets.

While the sun is slowly sinking into the sea, imagine yourself being in our apartments in the island of Pag. You are in a hydromassage pool, sipping your favorite drink, relaxing all your senses, and finding peace and bliss.

You have just imagined your vacation in Sunwell apartments in Pag!

Sunwell apartments are made of two apartments – the Sun apartment and the Well apartment.

Each apartment can accommodate a maximum of six people and is equipped with a private hydromassage pool.

Also, Sun and Well apartments are equipped with all the modern features that guests want and demand, from comfortable modern bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, indoor and outdoor dining room sets, spacious s showers to a green courtyard, lounge furniture, solar showers, and barbecue.

Keeping in mind the spectacular sunsets of Pag and the wellness experience we offer, we styled the apartments combining the colors of the sun and the sea.

Which one of our apartments to choose for your stay in Pag?

Pick between Sun or Well – our Sun apartment is decorated in yellow, gold, beige and brown tones and the Well apartment is decorated using white, blue, turquoise, emerald, and grey.

But you may not want to choose! When you book both apartments, they combine into a full Mediterranean villa for a luxurious Pag holiday.

The multi-functionality of the garden furniture and the size of the outdoor space allows a group of up to 12 people to comfortably share the terrace and yard while maintaining necessary privacy – according to needs and desires.

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    What to expect in the apartments?

    Two apartments – 6 persons each

    Terrace, loggia and balconie

    Two gardens with greenery

    Free public parking in front of the apartment

    Closeness to beach and the view

    View to the moutain

    Apartment equipment

    Two hydromassage pools

    Free Wi-Fi

    Air conditioners

    King size beds

    Single beds

    Trasforming sofas

    Satelite TV’s

    Dining sets

    Working tables




    Garden dining sets

    Lounge set

    Deck chairs

    Electric grills

    Barbeques (wood and coal)

    Solar showers


    Refrigerators with freezers

    Cooking disches

    Electric oven and hob


    Serving disches

    Espresso machines



    Shower cabines



    Washing mashines


    Hair dryers

    Hand soap

    Shower gel

    Hair shampoo and conditioner

    Toilet paper

    More equipment

    Electric radiators

    Travel cot


    Elektric irons


    Fire exstinguishers

    First aid kits